1. How will the designer get my information to create my custom, personalized piece?

You will be contacted via email by AmCap's advertising agency where they will ask for all the information needed to complete your piece. 

2. What if what I want isn't in the print shop? Can I mix & match materials to create something unique?

No problem! You can just email Megan Strange: mstrange@myamcap.com for custom requests.

Just keep in mind that any new content will have to go through a compliance review, so please allow time for that.

4. How do I get my new materials printed?

You have a couple options! You can get a print quote from our agency's preferred printer, or we can send you a print-ready file for you to send to your preferred printer. If you use the agency's printer, you will be billed by corporate for the cost.

5. What does the cost of each item include?

The cost includes the basic customization for your and your branch. It does not include printing or shipping.

6. I want a promo item that is not listed in the shop. What now?

The promo items listed in the shop are purchased in bulk by Corporate and then sold to you. This allows loan officers to purchase in less-than-bulk quantities, so that you can order in smaller quantities for a smaller cost per item. We send out a survey in the newsletter quarterly that allows you to vote on items in the promo shop. We change the items quarterly according to the responses in the survey. Make sure to keep an eye out for the newsletter each month!

7. Can I have paid items drawn from my P&L?

This is something we are working on, and we aim to have a solution for by later this year.

8. I am a DBA of AmCap Mortgage. Can I have materials redone with my logo on it?

You bet! For any materials not already branded to your DBA, just email mstrange@myamcap.com with your request. You can look at the tags in each section on the lefthand side of the page and click on the name of your DBA to see what materials exist already. If you do not see your DBA listed, that means there currently aren't materials created for your DBA. Email mstrange@myamcap.com, and we will customize any marketing piece currently in the Print Shop for your DBA.

9. What if I want to pick up my order from corporate instead of paying for shipping?

No problem! Just email mstrange@myamcap.com and we will give you a discount code to apply free shipping.